‘Peaky Blinders’: The Internet Reacts To The Show’s Final Episode


Peaky Blinders came to its six series conclusion last night.

The season finale shone a spotlight on all of the show’s key players, while leaving plenty in question for the upcoming movie.

Peaky Blinders

Here’s a brief recap on events – Tommy receives a terminal diagnosis that sees him tying up loose ends – including a face-off with Michael.

As Tommy prepares for his inevitable death, a spiritual visit from his late daughter Ruby saves his life, as he realises his doctor is involved with fascist Oswald Mosely and lied about Tommy’s illness in the hope that he would choose to end his life.

He leaves his burning gypsy caravan behind, and the series ends as it began – with Tommy on horseback.

As per usual, Twitter delivered when it came to memes and hot takes:

Poor Tommy

That ending though …


Never has a fictional death united so many people


Not everything was crystal clear to fans though

In a way, isn’t Johnny Dogs all of us?

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