Phish Deploy Giant 3D Whales and Dolphins at Show, the Internet Loses it

The question is: will anyone believe it was real?

Phish, the Vermont-born psychedelic rock band, played a show over the weekend and to bring the performance to a visual climax, the group deployed giant 3D whales and dolphins for the crowd.

The show took place at the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The video from the performance has since gone viral, earning millions of views from Saturday into Sunday, with many on social media commenting on the visual phenomenon.

Twitter user Highway Jill shared the visuals, writing on Twitter, “This is bananas”

Phish is known for its long songs and its fans who partake in psychedelic drugs.

As a result, many joked online if the fans of the group would remember the whale and dolphin stunt the next day, or perhaps they’d think they hallucinated it.

Though if social media is any indication, many will remember, if for no other reason than it’s been documented many times.

Twitter user Kurt said, “That was one of the most surreal and coolest things I’ve ever witnessed #phish

And azn wrote, “One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. So many chills. #phish

Even the arena’s Twitter handle shared the event, writing, “@phish does it AGAIN! #YEMSG#PHISHMSG

The jam band played four shows at Madison Square Garden after the band’s New Year’s Eve shows had to be cancelled this past holiday due to COVID-19.

Next up for the band are a number of tour dates beginning in May and running through September.

For a full list of live dates from the band and its members, click HERE.

And see more whale and dolphin footage from MSG below.

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