Polish Player Falls From Chair After Losing Chess Game. Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Chess is a serious game that demands a lot of restraint. One wrong move and you might lose an important soldier of your army on the chessboard.

Players become so involved in this game that it lasts for hours. Players also get disappointed when they lose. When a player recently lost a game, he experienced a similar disappointment. But, despite his defeat, something interesting happened to him and that’s what has made him viral on the internet.

Pawel Teclaf, a famous chess player from Poland, who is 18 years old, is well-known in his home country and around the world, but he is currently in the news for a different reason. A video wherein Pawel is playing chess and reacting sadly after his defeat is going viral. But then something happened and it made everyone laugh.

Pawel is seen playing against a contestant at the FIDE World Blitz Championship in Warsaw in a viral video. After being defeated in the game, he feels anguished but suddenly the balance of the chair disrupts and he falls. It was not a painful or injurious fall for him. The video appears to be quite amusing. He claimed that his chair lost balance, and as a result, he fell.

The reaction was spontaneous:

Pawel claimed that his opponent helped him when he fell on the floor. He was furious at the time, but when he saw the video himself, he began to laugh. The player said that he saw a man in the lift watching the same video on his phone for the first time. When he returned home and checked his phone, he discovered that he had received numerous links.

He stated that he does not react in this manner during the game, but he has no idea how such a reaction appeared during that match. That reaction, he claims, was not planned ahead of time. On social media, people are making amusing comments about the video.

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