Port La Tour Receives Internet Upgrades From Barrington Municipality

Another area of the Barrington Municipality has received Internet upgrades.

The remaining portions of the Internet project in Port La Tour are complete and ready for customer sales.

Barrington Municipality CAO Chris Frotten says in this day and age, a lot is done online.

“There’s a lot of businesses now that rely on the internet and we’ve seen a lot of people moving into the municipality that have home businesses or could work remotely and they needed that internet access to properly do virtual meetings or conduct business.

He added that many residents also use the Internet to report taxes and communicate with government.

Frotten also discussed which areas are left to receive upgrades.

“Certain portions of Port Clyde and the Upper Clyde Road, the vast majority of the project that we had invested in and participated in are complete and we’re hoping that the few that are left will be complete in a few weeks if not less.”

Woods Harbour/Shag Harbour to Doctors Cove, Bear Point and Barrington East have already been upgraded.

A total of $243,925 was invested to upgrade the areas of Port La Tour and Barrington East.

The project was first announced in September 2020.


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