Potato Milk Is The Internet’s New Food Fad

Potato milk has taken the internet by storm and some have even figured out how to make this drink at home. According to “Today,” the general recipe just requires home cooks to boil potatoes and then blend the cooked spuds with water. You can also add some vanilla, salt, sugar, or maple syrup to taste. While the process sounds fairly simple, the results haven’t been worth the effort for some. One reviewer claimed that the final product tasted terrible in most forms, and worked the best when served over breakfast cereal.

This homemade version of potato milk differs from Dug’s formula. Eating Well states that Dug’s version of the drink also contains rapeseed oil. While the brand currently dominates the potato milk market, it has opened the door for competitors who hope to make a splash with this milk alternative. In the meantime, you may have to settle for a homemade potato milk with a taste described at “Today” as “bitter, quite vegetal, most reminiscent of the smell of raw potato, with a smidge of dirt.”


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