PS4 And PS5 Won’t Connect To Internet

If the PS4 and PS5 won’t connect to the internet, you could be dealing with one of two things. It’s either about wrong network settings / corrupted software; or issues with the router / modem.

A console without internet means no friends, streaming, updates, downloads, battle royale, co-op, or MMOs. You’d need to rely on single-player games on times when online gaming is huge.

Reasons Why PS4 Won’t Connect To Internet or WiFi

There could be various reasons why your PS4 won’t connect to WiFi or LAN.
Wrong network settings: The first batch of causes are easier to fix, as they rely mostly on tweaking the PlayStation. Most users would generally experience PS4 connectivity failing after a system update.

  • The PlayStation Network (PSN) is offline
  • Your typing the wrong password
  • The PS4 is out of date
  • The PS4 has a random bug
  • The PS4’s DNS settings aren’t correct
  • There’s an IP conflict
  • The PS4’s media server is not working
  • The PS4 system is corrupted
  • The PS4’s WiFi hardware is not working (wireless only)

Bear in mind the PS4 won’t let you know the origins of the error. You have to value it by yourself.
There could be outside reasons as well, and they revolve around your household’s WiFi or the Ethernet port:

  • Poor connection: Your home network is unstable, weak, or not working.
  • The router is too far from the PS4: Distance causes WiFi signal loss (wireless only)
  • Issues with the ethernet port or cable

To identify whether the problem relies on your console or your router, please check with your PC. If your PC has internet without issues, the problem relies on the console. 

How to Fix PS4’s Internet Connection? (WIFI and LAN)

ps4 wifi lan connection

We’re going through a series of fixes, dealing mostly with internal PS4 settings. You’d have to go through each fix, in the order we’re sharing, until you find the solution that works for you.

Add a Manual DNS Address

change DNS settings

In most cases, the issue happens because the PlayStation can’t access the DNS address. Luckily, you can change the DNS settings and put a particular address through the Network settings menu. Frequently, this fixes the issue:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Press “X” on the Network option
  3. Enter “Set Up Internet Connection
  4. Select your connection type, either WiFi or LAN. If you select WiFi, it will ask you to choose a network and the password later.  
  5. Select Custom on the Set Up Internet Connection page
  6. Select “Automatic” on the IP address
  7. Select “Do Not Specify” on the DHCP Host Name page
  8. Select “Manual” on DNS settings
  9. Set as Primary DNS; for Secondary DNS, use
  10. On MTU settings, select Automatic
  11. Lastly, select “Do Not Use” on the Proxy Server page. 

Now, check your internet connection. If it doesn’t work, you may try these other DNS numbers: 

  1. Primary DNS: / Secondary DNS:
  2. Primary DNS: / Secondary DNS:

These are public DNS servers with reliable connections. The first one we typed belongs to Google, and the company’s goal with the option is to offer a faster and secure DNS server worldwide.

Changing the DNS to Google’s addresses often increases the internet connection speed.

Add a Static Ip Address to Your PS4/PS5

add static ip to ps4
Remember to test your connection after each solution

There could be an IP conflict on your network. This may occur if your router allocates the same IP address to various devices on your network. 

In other words, if you’re using too many devices on the router, this could be the issue. For example, if the problem started after adding a new laptop to your WiFi.

The solution is to add a static IP address. It means the IP doesn’t change, no matter how many devices you use. Meanwhile, the router delivers dynamic IPS to other devices, and it keeps changing the number, thus making connections less stable. 

  1. Go to the Network settings
  2. Go to View Connection Status
  3. Write down the following data. IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. If the PS4/PS5 is not showing the data, contact your provider to get these numbers.
  4. Press Set Up Internet Connection 
  5. Select the WiFi or Lan
  6. Use Custom type
  7. On the “IP Address Settings,” press “Manual.”
  8. Add the DNS numbers I shared above.
  9. Add the Default Gateway numbers you wrote down, as well as the Subnet Mask numbers.
  10. Add the IP Address number, but change the last digit to something higher. For example, add 50 to the original number. So, if your IP address is “”, use “192.168.52.” You could also change the last digit by 100.
  11. Click Next and complete the steps.
  12. Try your connection once again.

A Static IP can fix your console’s connection. Moreover, it can improve the speed just as much as adding a public DNS address. In other words, you could try this fix on a LAN connection to improve the speed and stability.

Disable the Media Server

ps4 settings network

The console’s media server could be one of the common reason for connectivity issue. It could happen if a system update corrupted the network software.

  1. Go to the Network menu
  2. Go to Media Server Connection
  3. Disable the Media Server
  4. Restart the console

If you tried the steps above, and this doesn’t work either, please enable the media server again.

Update Your Ps4/PS5 in Safe Mode

update ps4 in safe mode

Sometimes, a system update may cause WiFi and issues, and re-installing the update may fix the problem.

We recommend following this step on Safe Mode to avoid further issues. However, Safe Mode can damage your data, so back up your saved files and games on an external hard drive. 

  1. Connect your console through LAN
  2. Press the power button at the front of the playstation to turn off the console. The light will blink twice before shutting down
  3. Press and hold the power button until you hear a second beep. The first beep means you powered up the console; the second means it went into Safe mode. 
  4. Press the PS button on the controller and select Update System Software.
  5. Wait until the download process finishes. The playstation will restart when it’s ready. 

Check if the System Software Is Up to Date

software system update ps4

To sign in to PSN, the PS4 and the PS5 need the latest system software version.

So, even if your PlayStation could have a connection, it may be unable to use PSN services due to an un-updated console. Use the Test Connection function within the PS4’s network menu to see if this is the issue.

  1. Go to Settings > System menu
  2. Enter System Software
  3. Select System Software Update and Settings
  4. Update System Software

The PS4/5 will detect if there’re updates available for its system. If there’re, follow the instructions to install a new one. 

Update the PS4 Without Internet Connection

update ps4 without internet

Sometimes, you don’t have the option to update your PS4 via a LAN cable. However, there’s a way to update the PS4 using a PC’s internet connection. 

  1. Plug a USB into your PC. It must have at least 6GB. It also must be empty, and formatted to FAT32.
  2. Open the drive and open a “PS4” folder.
  3. Inside the folder, open another “UPDATE” folder. Both these names must be exact (without quotes), with capital letters so that the PS4 can recognize them. 
  4. Download the latest update from PlayStation’s official site (download the “Update” file).
  5. Save the update file as “PS4UPDATE.PUP” within the “UPDATE” folder.
  6. Plug the USB into your PS4
  7. Turn the PS4 in Safe mode (press and hold the power button and release it after hearing two beeps).
  8. Select Safe Mode option 3: Update System Software.
  9. Select “Update from USB Storage,” and press OK.
  10. Wait until the PS4 finishes the process.

If the PS4 doesn’t recognize the files, please check the names are correct. 

Reinstall the Ps4/5 System Software

reinstall ps4 system software

If the error persists, perhaps it’s time to format the PlayStation. It will erase all data and put back all its drivers and systems. Before you do that, please back up your files on an external drive.

  1. Plug a USB into your PC. It must have at least 6GB. It also must be empty and formatted to FAT32. 
  2. Open the drive and open a “PS4” folder. Create the “UPDATE” subfolder inside “PS4.”
  3. Download the latest update from PlayStation’s official site (download the “PS4 console reinstallation file”). 
  4. Save the update file as “PS4UPDATE.PUP” within the “UPDATE” folder.
  5. Plug the USB into your PS4
  6. Turn the PS4 in Safe mode 
  7. Select Safe Mode option 7: Reinstall System Software.
  8. Select “Update from USB Storage,” and press OK.
  9. Wait until the PS4 finishes the process.

Playstation’s Wifi Hardware Hands-on Fix

The PS4/5 uses a built-in chip to offer its WiFi. If PlayStation won’t connect to WiFi but connects to LAN, and after every other solution fails, you have three things to do:

  • Call PlayStation support to see if they can fix the hardware
  • Call a third-party store and see if they can fix the hardware
  • Use a LAN cable instead

Change the Frequency Band (Wireless)

PS4 Pro and PS45 Slim models can connect to WiFi via the 5GHz band. First, make sure your router has the mode available and enable the option.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Network
  3. Select Setup Internet Connection
  4. Select the wifi option
  5. Select Easy setup
  6. Next, on the Options button, select wifi Frequency Bands
  7. Select 5GHz only

5GHz is faster as it has more power and fewer interferences.

Check the Playstation Network (PSN) Status

check playstation network

Sony’s PlayStation Network could be offline because of server issues. This is independent of your WiFi connection. As such, you need to check it as an initial step.

  1. On your PC or smartphone, go to the PSN Network Status Page.
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Check if your status is Green
  4. If the status is down, you may need to wait until PlayStation solves the issue. 

Check Your Connection

input password again

Before going through the advanced fixes, please check your password. You could be typing the wrong WiFi credentials on your PlayStation. It’s a common problem as the error message is misleading.

Try to check the password from a smartphone or a PC, and then type it again on the console. Alternatively, the password could be on the back of the router.

  1. Go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection
  2. Select “Use Wi-Fi
  3. Select “Easy
  4. Choose your Wi-Fi network, and type the password

Reboot Console and the Router

Sometimes, a random bug may be affecting your console. It’s common if you haven’t used the PS4/PS5 for a while. Rebooting both the PS4/5 and the router can fix minor connectivity issues. 

However, you need to do a hard reset: 

  1. Turn off the console
  2. Turn off the router and plug all of its cords
  3. Plug off the playstation AC cord
  4. Wait for one minute before you plug the PS4/5 back in. While you’re at it, plug the router back as well.
  5. Power up both the console and the router. 

Rename Your SSID

Another option is renaming your internet connection. You’d need to go to the router’s web page and rename the SSID connection. Additionally, you may need to change the security settings to WPA-PSK TKIP 256 Bit.

After you’re done, reboot the router.

Check Your Household’s Internet Connection

poor connection ps4

You can always resort back to the obvious causes. In particular, please check that your other devices have WiFi before going through the solutions.

However, don’t worry if you have WiFi on the smartphone but not on the console. Smartphones can work with weaker connections, as their apps are lighter.

You could perform a speed test to check the strength of your connection. The console will fail to connect to a low internet speed.

Call Your ISP

Call your ISP if you’re experiencing constant connectivity issues. In particular, you can ask them to change your current setting to a public IP address.

Move Closer to the Router

It’s unlikely that a PlayStation won’t connect to the internet due to the distance with the router. Still, you could try moving the console closer to the router.

The physical distance could damage the signal, but WiFi is not Bluetooth. It’s much stronger. However, reinforced doors reinforced windows, and thick walls could be a problem.

Use a Wi-fi Extender

If the WiFi signal is weak and you can’t move the PS4/5 closer, you could try a WiFi extender.

These are cheap gadgets that extend the range of your WiFi. However, if your WiFi is too weak (less than 10MB), it will scatter the signal and make it more vulnerable.

If it’s a possible solution, put the WiFi extender on a middle point between the WiFi and the PlayStation.

Use LAN Instead

Lastly, you can try connecting the PS4 via LAN instead of WiFi. It’s a reliable option that may bypass the need to repair the PS4’s WiFi hardware.

Change the Lan Cable and the Ethernet Port

The last obvious solution is changing the LAN cable. Alternatively, you can use an ethernet/USB adapter to connect the PS4 to the router via USB.

In particular, try this solution if you see the “LAN cable not connected” error message. Alternatively, you can use an air compressor to clean the dust out of the ethernet port.

Factory Reset the Playstation

restore default settings

The last option is resetting the PS4/5 back to its factory settings. Do this if your PlayStation won’t connect to WiFi but connects to LAN. It would mean some configurations or system files are corrupted. 

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Click the Initialization tab
  3. Select Restore to Default Settings

How to Test the Internet Connection on the Ps4?

The tests detail the status of your IP address, your internet connection, and your connection to the PSN Network.

Moreover, it launches a “Nat Type” result:

  • Type 1: your PS4 has a LAN connection
  • Type 2: your PS4 has a WiFi connection
  • Type 3: there’s an issue with your connection. 

How to Format a Usb to “Fat32”?

On Windows:

  1. Plug the USB drive into the PC
  2. Go to This PC
  3. Right-click on the USB Drive and select “format”
  4. Select FAT32 from the File System drop-down menu. 

On macOS:

  1. Plug the USB drive onto the PC
  2. Go to Applications
  3. Click twice on Utilities to open
  4. Select the drive and click Erase
  5. Choose the MS-DOS(FAT) format

How to Check the Wifi Password on a Pc?

check internet password

On Windows:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Select Network and Sharing Center
  3. Click on your internet next to “Connection
  4. Select Wireless Properties
  5. Go to Security. You can check the “Show Characters” box to check the password. 

On Mac:

  1. Open the Keychain app
  2. Click on System, and then click on Passwords under Categories
  3. Locate your network, and click on Show Password


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