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Most of the world agrees that Putin’s war in the Ukraine is heinous and barbaric. His actions have been condemned by all world leaders and the interntional community has publicly and overwhelmingly taken Ukraine’s side.

Huge Internet Fanbase

Despite the Russian leader’s delusional beliefs and motivations regarding his war with Ukraine, there is an alarmingly large and convoluted community on social media that is attempting to paint the president in a good light.

According to the BBC, these pro Putin groups have amassed an unnerving 650,000 members among them and with such staggeringly high membership, it’s no surprise that their activity is also excessive. BBC researchers recently counted around 16,500 posts, which have received more than 3.6 million interactions.

“Leader of the free world”

Publications glorify Putin, and regulary refer to as the “leader of the free world”. They portray him both as a strong leader, who is rightly standing up to the oppression of western capitalist countries, as well as a loving, kind and peaceful man. The tone of the posts is reminiscent of mid-20th century propaganda, and starkly contrasts to the reality of the past few months.

It’s hard to understand the motivations of these accounts. Some have suggested that the Russian government may be behind them. Having said that, the accounts apparent lack the prudence and meticulousness characterised Russian agents largely discards that theory.


These Facebook pages continue to reinforce Putin’s message that the Russia-Ukraine war is in fact “operation” was “peacekeeping… aimed only at the demilitarization of a neighboring country”. Misinformation has a big problem since Putin launched his invasion almost two months ago, and has been used by Russian media to manipulate and suppress the Russian population. The lack of action taken by Facebook has surprised and infuriated many.


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