QTCinderella taking break from internet due to “negativity” after The Streamer Awards

Twitch star QTCinderella announced she’s stepping away from the internet for a few days due to the negativity online following The Streamer Awards.

On March 12, The Streamer Awards show celebrated the top streamers of the year and handed out tons of awards in the process.

While the show was a massive hit and brought in record viewership numbers, there also came some criticism from both viewers and influencers.

YouTuber Valkyrae as well as Sykkuno questioned why they were not included in the video package of streamers who switched from Twitch to YouTube, though immediately apologized after.

Other streamers, like Shroud, were shocked at Ludwig’s massive upset over xQc for the Streamer of the Year award.

Now, QTCinderella said she’s stepping away from social media after the wave of “negativity.”

qtcinderella twitter account private streamer awards

QTCinderella private’s Twitter after wave of “negativity”

QTCinderella went private on Twitter on March 18, explaining why in a string of tweets before locking her account away from the public eye.

“Putting my account on private and taking a break from Twitter for a few days. I hit a wall with the negativity and genuinely am not built to handle it. See you in a few.”

The streamer also said the harsh words about the event are legitimate, “The criticism has been so deflating but valid.”

She also added, “I wish I could have felt proud of the event instead of overwhelmed with everything that should be better. I know where things went wrong.”

qtcinderella twitter private streamer awards

Although QTCinderella continues to deal with criticisms of the show, it was a massive success in terms of viewership.

The award show peaked at 380,000 concurrent viewers, placing it in the top 50 of all-time peak viewer count on Twitch. Hopefully, the negativity will not put QT and Maya off hosting the awards again in future years.


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