Safer Internet Day: Google announces new partnerships and safety features

On Safer Internet Day, Google announced new product safety features, enhanced safe browsing feature as well as partnerships to make internet safety more accessible for everyone.

“Safer Internet Day might come around once a year, but here at Google, we want you to stay safe online every day,” Google said.

Google is collaborating with Khan Academy to develop free, online lessons that will help teach people how to stay safe online. The non-profit educational organization will receive a USD5 million contribution from Google to create accessible, easy-to-understand and actionable online safety content for its 18 million monthly users around the globe.

Secondly, ahead of the 2022 U.S. midterm elections, the search giant is expanding its efforts to protect high-risk users such as election workers, journalists, and human rights workers. The company is joining forces with organizations across the political spectrum to establish the Campaign Security Project to provide organizations with the tools to train candidates and campaign workers on how to stay safe online.

Thirdly, Google is introducing an account-level enhanced safe browsing feature for everyone starting next month. It provides enhanced security protection against threats you encounter on the web and against your Google Account.

Besides, the company is introducing new product features to give you more control and keep you safe online. These include:

  • In the coming months, Google Assistant’s Guest Mode feature will be available in 9 new languages on Smart Displays and speakers, like Nest Hub Max and Nest Audio. Once Guest Mode is turned on, your Google Assistant interactions are not saved to your account and the devices won’t show personal results, like your calendar entries or contacts, until you exit the mode.
  • As announced last week, VPN by Google One is expanding to iOS devices.
  • Google Fi phone plan users will soon have the option to share their location with their family members in real-time right from the Fi app, at no additional cost.


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