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This funny dog video that has been posted on Instagram shows how a dog reluctantly and sassily offers its paw to its human.

Do you want to start your day with a little dose of cuteness and sass at the same time? Look no further than this video shared on Instagram. It features an adorable Rottweiler doggo giving its human its paw in the sweetest yet funniest way possible.

In the clip, viewers can see a Rottweiler dog sitting on a bed and looking at its human who also happens to be recording this video. Soon, one gets to see that the human extends their hand towards their cute pet pooch. And this is the most hilarious part of the video that has sent netizens into a laughing frenzy.

“It’s the eye roll for us,” reads the caption to this post. The caption is accompanied by a few hashtags like #dogsofinstagram, #greatpetliving and #sassydogs. It was reshared by the famous doggo page named Dogs of Instagram or Great Pet Living. And the video is guaranteed to bring a smile on the viewer’s face.

Watch the video right here:

The video has been posted on Instagram around six hours ago and since then, has garnered several comments from people who cannot help but laugh out loud at what happens in the video. It has also received more than 2.4 lakh views on it so far.

An Instagram user wrote, “Hahaha definitely the eye roll!” “He’s like, ‘What, again? Human you are so easily amused’,” reads another comment, from the point of view of the pooch. A third comment reads, “That’s hilarious!” A fourth comment reads, “That’s a total parent/child relationship.”

What are your thoughts on this cute dog video?

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