Scammers posing as internet providers with Tri-State numbers

HANNIBAL (WGEM) – We have yet another warning about a phone scam that’s hitting the Tri-States.

Janice Baker, who lives in Hannibal, said she recently got a call from a local number.

The person said they were from the internet provider Spectrum, and wanted to offer her a discount on her bill.

“He said he could reduce our bill by $40 a month and there was a government program, due to COVID for seniors, that could reduce it by another $25,” Baker said.

Baker said, at first, she thought the call was legit, but as it went on, she became suspicious. So, she hung up, and called the authorities.

From there, she got into contact with Better Business Bureau Regional Director Donald O’Brien, who confirmed it was a scam.

“It is, it’s a daily occurrence. In this instance, they reached out to her via phone. They also reached out via text message or email, so you really need to keep your guard up on all fronts,” O’Brien said. “They are out there lurking and people think this can’t happen. They can get anybody, anywhere.”

O’Brien said scams like these are becoming more common so you need to keep your social security number as private as possible, and only give it to a trustworthy source, as needed.

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