Selena Gomez collabs with the internet’s favourite pan, the Always Pan

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If you’re familiar with the internet, you’ve likely heard of the Always Pan. It’s the pan that can be used in eight different ways, including as a steamer, nonstick and fry pan. 

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The Always Pan was the first product from the company Our Place, which has now extended its line into other kitchen and dining products. It’s one big success story. You can read the high-level Our Place story and our review of the Always Pan here.

Our Place is now collaborating with actress, recording artist and home-cook Selena Gomez. The collection includes two bright and cheerful colours, Azul and Rosa (both colours are absolutely stunning, but after seeing the product in person, Azul is next-level gorgeous…and we also love the Rosa glasses). The colours are available across the brand’s most popular products including the Always Pan, Perfect Pot and tableware.

If we know anything about the Always Pan, it’s that it constantly sells out and that the founder, Shiza Shahid, pronounces “pan” with the world’s longest “A.” So if you like the colours in the Gomez collection, you may not want to wait to buy one. 


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