Shreveport’s Chief of Tech details how the bond proposal would increase Internet speed

SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The upcoming bond proposal includes technology upgrades for Shreveport.

From traffic lights to a potential “revenue-building” device. We spoke to the city’s Chief Technology Officer to learn more

The City of Shreveport’s 2021 Bond Proposal includes Proposition Two that covers technology infrastructure asking for $22-million.

“To get a fiber line next to every single home it would be $150-million for the city. So this is a drop in the bucket,” said Keith Hanson, Chief Technology Officer City of Shreveport.

Included in Prop Two is $20-million for fiber optics. “It’s future proof. It’s the speed of light! That’s the theoretical limit of how fast you can get an internet connection on it,” Hanson said.

He said the money would go toward the city’s communication system, broadband, water and sewer, and traffic signals.

“That connect new traffic symbols along Jewella, Line and Hollywood. There will be about 60 traffic signals redone. To allow an intelligent traffic system to control all the timing of the lights. Right now we have basically kitchen timers, mechanical kitchen timers, running our traffic signals. Our citizens will immediately recognize that when these lights get redone that traffic flows much smoothly,” Hanson said.

Prop Two also includes two-million for a “dig-once” initiative.

“A dig-once policy is basically when somebody is digging in the ground which is the most expensive part for running fiber we will ask them to widen that hole and put another pipe so if they ever need to expand there’s a pipe right there and they won’t have to dig twice,” Hanson said.

Hanson said that would put money back into the city by allowing potential businesses to purchase the use of fiber optics. “That’s the exciting thing about Prop Two is that all of it will be able to generate revenues for us. We’ll be able to lease excess capacity inside our fiber lines. Once those fiber lines are in the ground they are there and you can continually upgrade the technology around it,” Hanson said.

Hanson said it would put in the infrastructure needed to bring faster internet to the city.

“The more fiber we have available, the faster we get new technologies like 5 G millimeter wave in our city,” Hanson said.

Hanson also spoke about how the technology upgrades would be used to develop the city’s Real Time Crime Center.

If Proposition Two passes, Hanson said it would take about two years to get all the infrastructure in place.


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