Sister Schubert’s sausage wrap roll discontinued: The Internet mourns

(WKRG) — There will be an empty circle on many Thanksgiving tables this year. Sister Schubert has discontinued its popular sausage wrap roll, and as the news broke, the grief began.

First, of course, there was denial. Folks took to the Sister Schubert Facebook page, filling the comment sections of unrelated posts with questions about the discontinued sausage rolls.

As it set in that the doughy delights would not longer grace holiday tables, the anger bubbled up.

Bargaining was next. Promises to buy pans of the beloved wrap poured in, with one page promising to order 1,000 pans and donate them to people experiencing food insecurity, if only Sister Schubert’s agreed to bring back the freezer-aisle favorite.

A representative from Sister Schubert’s explained the decision to Garden and Gun magazine on Wednesday. The call came down to sales.

“Typically, we discontinue an item when it isn’t selling well, which is what was happening with the sausage rolls,” Kristy Gross told G&G. “So, we switched them out for sausage pinwheels.”

So far, if comments on the company’s website are any indication, the Sister Schubert’s faithful are not happy with the change. Whether or not they will in time accept the sausage pinwheels, it’s hard to say.

Patricia Barnes started the company in 1989 using her grandmother’s Parker House Rolls recipe. The company is based in Luverne.


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