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You have a slow internet connection on your phone and you don’t know what to do. These annoying situations can occur at any time of the day, which may disrupt the use of your smartphone. Here is what to do to solve these small technical problems.

Problems related to the internet connection can be recurrent. Whether you are in the office or at home, you are often faced with this kind of inconvenience that delays you in your work or when performing a task on the internet.

What should you do if you have low internet speed on your mobile?

When internet problems occur it is often due to a poor wireless network. The unsuitable positioning of the box can also be the cause and prevents the wifi from being broadcast. Some problems are more complicated than others and cannot always be solved. However, we explain what to do for situations that are easier to manage.

Activate the correct internet network on your smartphone

Wifi on the phone – Source: spm

Before making a more elaborate setting, first consider changing your phone’s connection mode. You can, depending on the available network, switch from 4G to Wifi or vice versa. It is strongly recommended to use only one mode on your telephone . So if you are on 4G, turn wifi off and vice versa. This will allow your phone to pick up a higher internet speed which will not be disturbed. Don’t forget to try several Wi-Fi connections. This is probably the first reflex to have when the internet connection fails us. However, do not be discouraged on your first try. Disable and re-enable your wifi repeatedly. If this trick does not work, it is possible to click on the forget network button. This will reset WiFi settings and fix your signal. To do this, simply tap on the Wifi icon and long press on the network in question before clicking on “Forget”.

Tip: it is advised to unplug the router and wait seconds before restarting it.

Change the mode on your phone for a better internet connection

Airplane mode – Source: spm

To help you, try this technique. To do this, activate and deactivate your airplane mode and wait a few minutes. The network will likely recover. If it does not work as expected, it is possible to restart your phone. This method will work every time if there is a slight connection problem. If, on the contrary, you are unable to do so, it is possible that this is due to the Bluetooth mode. The latter can conflict with Wifi and slow down the internet connection. If you encounter this problem, first turn off Bluetooth before using Wifi. It is also possible that you have activated the energy saving mode to consume less battery. However, this mode makes it possible to deactivate applications or functionalities to save you energy. Thus, the wifi can be deactivated without you being able to realize it.

Disable certain applications to better internet speed

Mobile applications – Source: spm

Some applications can overload your phone and thus impact your internet connection. This is due to downloading their update and syncing with storage, processes that delay the signal. Just disable those background apps and you’re done! Continuing, if several people are connected to your network, this means that you are sharing the bandwidth, which is the total speed available on your connection. If you have an urgent task to perform on your phone, it is possible to report it to those around you to recover some speed.

When the internet speed is low, several tips should be considered before embarking on more technical and complicated settings. Among them, some easy tricks like changing the mode that will save you time.

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