SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Satellite Snow Feature Starts Attracting Cats—Here’s Why

SpaceX Starlink’s internet satellite snow feature has started to attract swarms of cats to go on top of the dishes.

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Satellite Snow Feature Starts Attracting Cats—Here’s Why

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Rescue cats are seen in Ciudad Bolivar neighbourhood, southern Bogota, on May 2, 2020. – La Ruta Animal (The Animal Route) is a citizen campaign that started with the quarantine to take donated food to stray and rescue cats and dogs in vulnerable communities in the city.

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Satellite

The internet firm of billionaire Elon Musk, Starlink, connects its customers online through satellite dishes.

According to the report by Business Insider, the Starlink dishes are actually meant to be installed on top of the roof or an external wall outside of a house. But most users have decides to just install their internet satellites on the ground and it has actually worked fine for them.

SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Satellite Snow Feature Starts Attracting Cats—Here’s Why

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UKRAINE – 2021/02/21: In this photo illustration a Starlink logo of a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen,.

This time around, though, aside from getting signals for low-latency wireless internet, these satellites that have been placed on the ground are now attracting cats.

 Starlink Satellite and Cats

As per the news story by DailyMail, tons of feline pets were seen in a viral photo cramped together while sitting on top of the Starlink satellite dish with all of their surroundings are covered with icy snow.

The cats are interestingly huddling together in a single spot, which is not something that they usually do.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Aaron Taylor shared that photo of cats sitting on top of the Starlink dish during the cold snowy season.

Interestingly, while everywhere else in the photo is filled with a thick blanket of snow, the Starlink satellite remained free from the icy cold snow.


 Starlink Satellite Snow Melt Feature

It turns out that the “Snow Melt Mode” feature of the Starlink dish could be the culprit of the swarm of cats huddling on top of the satellite, per the report by Tesmanian.

Business Insider said in the same report that the satellite dish has this feature that triggers it to start heating up during snowfall.

The internet satellite firm introduced the “Snow Melt Mode” feature back in Dec. 2020, DailyMail has noted in the same report.

SpaceX said that the snow feature produces “additional heat to mitigate signal attenuation caused by snow-build up on the face of the user terminal.”

As such, the heavy snowfall that the United States is currently experiencing must have forced the feline creatures to look for warm places that they could sit on to shield themselves from extremely cold weather nowadays.

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Starlink Internet vs. Cats

With the cats swarming on top of the internet satellite dish, some may ask: does this affect the internet connection?

As of writing, it is still not clear if having cats bundled on top of the Starlink dish affects the internet connection.

However, some reports have been consistently suggesting that the adorable cats could break the satellite dish along the way.

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