Spurs Fan Finds Internet Fame Via Her Kelly Clarkson Lip Sync – OutKick

A San Antonio Spurs fan gained her 15 minutes of fame after belting out a Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone” lip sync during Saturday’s game.

The Spurs might’ve beaten the Trail Blazers 113-92, but the real highlight came when this unidentified fan stepped up during a timeout to provide fans with what felt like a typical staged performance as concocted by a team marketing department, but eyewitnesses on the ground say this is the real deal. They claim this woman just has “Since U Been Gone” running through her veins.

Take it away, Spurs fan!

As was mentioned by numerous observers of Kelly Clarkson Spurs Fan, typically a marketing department wouldn’t throw an intern out there with bloodshot eyes like Kelly Clarkson Spurs Fan. That right there is a woman who was just there on a Saturday night to have a good time and win a lip-sync battle.

Do you know Dancing Spurs Kelly Clarkson Fan? We need to hear from her on this performance.

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Dancing Spurs fan Kelly Clarkson song
Dancins Spurs Fan belts out Kelly Clarkson’s classic “Since U Been Gone” / Twitter


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