Starlink Flights? Elon Musk Teases Video Streaming, Online Video Games In-Flights With Satellite Internet

Elon Musk teases one of the most advanced ventures to come soon, and that is the ability to connect to Starlink’s internet during flights or riding an airplane. The venture was known to the public already. Still, it was not tackled that much by the CEO or company, focusing on its future capabilities of streaming videos and online video games soon.

Starlink Flights: Internet Onboard for Streaming Video and Games

Elon Musk is now promoting Starlink internet connections onboard flights, saying that people should ask their airline for “Starlink” to connect and use. Musk initially promised that Starlink would be accessible at any time and place, including when going aboard yachts, boats, ferries, jets, airplanes, and more.

The CEO said that the connection of Starlink can help in streaming video from popular subscription platforms and playing online video games even while in-flight. Present internet connections aboard the aircraft cannot connect fast enough to keep up with the high-data usage of popular apps now.

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Starlink Satellite Internet: Strong Enough for Vehicles?

Moving vehicles will be one of Starlink’s challenges for providing an internet connection at any place and time, focusing on providing a service even in unimaginable areas.

Musk said that Starlink should provide its strong internet connection even for vehicles in transit, as long as the satellite dish is correctly in place or set up.

It needs to have its receiver at a recommended setting as a satellite internet to get the best out of it.

Starlink: What’s the Progress?

Starlink recently added a fleet of 52 satellites to its constellation groups of orbiting low-Earth spacecraft that beam down the internet connection to the public. There are many satellites for Starlink orbiting the planet now. It is a nuisance for some companies and the regulatory bodies that focus on the low-Earth orbit (LEO) overcrowding.

However, the fleet of the Starlink is yet to grow as it aims to cover the entire world with its capabilities to beam fast and secure internet from the outer space. Currently, there are a few rough patches on the operation of the Starlink, including several bugs on its website that cause problems, as well as its limited coverage and regions available.

Starlink aims to expand its businesses and reach, aiming to bring more countries to its service and coverage soon. Musk promises that it is intended for those people or group with poor internet connections, bringing them an experience that would help expand the network and make it available for all, even for moving vehicles like an airplane that one uses when traveling.

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