Stranger Things Meets The Horrors of Internet Fame In Into Radness

Into Radness, from Dark Horse, is a new sci-fi comic described as “Stranger Things meets The Internet,” pitting a crew of teens against monsters!

An upcoming graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics is being touted as Stranger Things meets The Internet,” as Into Radness promises teenage sci-fi monster-fighting. As an exploration into promises of internet virality, and the consequences that come with it, Into Radness will be a blast for anyone who is a fan of Eleven and her crew of misfit friends.

Stranger Things has invited immense popularity as a coming-of-age story about a group of friends confronting the supernatural, all steeped in ’80s and ’90s nostalgia, with series 4 on the way. Into Radness takes the same basic premise and uses it to explore the early experience of creating art and trying to find an audience… in the form of terrifying monsters that need to be destroyed.


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Into Radness is written by Kyle Strahm (Twig, Unearth, Spread), with gorgeous neon art by Jake Smith (Blood Force Trauma) and lettering by Crank! (West of Sundown, Silk Hills). The main story will follow teens Dylan and Trixie and their 4 other friends as they attempt to become “Internet famous” in their city of Back Alley and end up running into trouble… the monstrous kind! It seems like the six teens will get their wish of becoming internet celebrities, but their chance at the limelight might ruin their friendships and even threaten their lives. Promising to be an “original action-packed sci-fi romp,” Into Radness will surely delight any fan of Stranger Things, Dungeons & Dragons, or Black Mirror. Dark Horse’s official synopsis for the graphic novel reveals:

Dylan, Trixie, and their friends want to be Internet famous, but their show, INTO RADNESS, has 12 subscribers and it’s terrible. Blowing up old VHS tapes and setting slime on fire just doesn’t bring in the views.

But freaky things are starting to happen in the city of Back Alley. When the teens are filmed defending themselves from an oozing ZONKED creature, they become overnight celebrities. Oh, and that creature? There are a lot more of those roaming the streets!

Friendships are strained and battle plans drawn as six teens descend INTO RADNESS!!

Adding to the synopsis, writer Kyle Strahm says:

Into Radness is a story for anyone who’s ever created something and tried to get people to pay attention. It’s about the rewards and consequences that come with going viral and ultimately, an exploration of why we make things in the first place. Plus, monster fights.

The quest for internet virality is something that many people can relate to, as well as how quickly that virality can turn sour, both online and in real life. It is interesting to imagine the world of Stranger Things set in a time when everyone has access to the internet, because so much of the horror of Stranger Things relies on the fact that the greater world may never know about the terrors of the Upside Down. Into Radness seems like it will explore a unique and original perspective on the dangers and benefits of putting yourself out there as a creator, with a healthy dose of intense monster brawls.

Dylan, Trixie and their friends are in for the ride of their life in the pages of Into Radness, and who knows how their friendships will survive while fighting back against actual monsters, and the horrors of internet virality? Fans of Stranger Things can check out Into Radness by Dark Horse Comics when it debuts on June 15, 2022!

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