Street vendor tosses food from wok to man in viral video. Internet is stunned

In a video, a street vendor tossed green beans from a wok to another man standing across the street with a plate. The beans landed on the plate and the epic clip has gone viral.

A man tossed green beans from a wok to another man on the street with flawless precision.

There is no dearth of bizarre and mind-boggling content on the internet and we have proof. A video showing a street vendor tossing food at a man across the street has gone viral and it is too good to miss out. The clip was posted on TikTok and made its way to Instagram. It has clocked in an insane 22.8 million views till now.

In the now-viral video, a man can be seen cooking green beans in a wok. After he was done with the cooking, he picked up the wok with the help of a cloth and tossed the beans in the air. Believe it or not, but the beans landed right on the plate of the other man standing across the street. Yes, you read that right.

Watch the viral video here:

Epic, right? Netizens shared the same thought and were amazed at the skills of the man.

“Is that real?” a user asked.

Another user commented, “Wow, amazing.”

See the comments here:

Isn’t it mind-blowing?

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