Subtel and telecommunications firms announce the creation of tool to measure Internet speed for users


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Press release by SUBTEL

This is a machine translation of the original release issued in Spanish


The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (MTT), through the Undersecretary of Telecommunications (SUBTEL) announced that the bases are now available to participate in the bidding process of the Independent Technical Organization (OTI) that will be in charge of carrying out periodic measurements of the speed that Internet users are receiving, within the framework of the provisions of the Guaranteed Minimum Speed Law.

The application of the Guaranteed Minimum Speed Law also includes the creation of an application or tool that allows the users themselves to measure their speed, verifying that they are receiving the contracted service under the agreed conditions.

“One of our great objectives as a government is to improve the quality of life of Chilean families. In this sense, having tools that allow users to ensure compliance with their rights and receive a service with the agreed speed and quality aims to improve the experience of thousands of Chileans who today require the Internet to carry out their daily tasks. such as teleworking, studying at a distance and carrying out procedures online”, said the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz.

For his part, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Claudio Araya, stated that “this new tool will allow thousands of users to have official measurements of the fixed and mobile connections of their devices, an input that will be useful to them so that, in the event that the telecommunications company is not complying with the agreement, you can claim against the company and before SUBTEL”. The authority in turn stressed that “this is a significant step for the digital rights of all users in the country.”

Meanwhile, Alfie Ulloa, representative of the telecommunications companies, commented that “this system will allow users to measure the speed they receive and clear up doubts regarding the service provided to them. We are taking a tremendous step, in quality of service and in transparency. International companies with extensive experience in these measurements are expected to participate, which will give the mechanism a guarantee.”

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