T-Mobile readying new incentive for Home Internet customers

T-Mobile readying new incentive for Home Internet customers

Following its expansion to more than 50 cities and towns in Texas, T-Mobile’s Home Internet service will become even more enticing as the US carrier plans to introduce new incentives for those who want to try it out.

Starting January 27, T-Mobile will start offering Home Internet for free for 15 days. The promotional offer will be available to customers who sign up for T-Mobile’s Home Internet service, a new report claims.

Customers who decide to cancel their contracts during the free trial will receive the refund via a bill credit to their accounts. Naturally, customers will et the full amount initially charged for a month of service.

The upcoming deal is a clear sign that T-Mobile is convinced that its Home Internet service is so good that customers who try it will continue to use it even after the 15-day free trial. Truth be told, with an average speed of 35Mbps to 11Mbps download, T-Mobile’s Home Internet service is pretty good deal.

Currently, Home Internet service costs $50 per month, taxes included, with autopay, but if you want to try it out for free first, make sure to check whether or not you’re living within the coverage area. New customers will also Paramount+ for free for a year, $10 off YouTube TV and Philo, as well as Ooma home phone service for $10 per month.


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