Taco Bell announces “crispy” new wings, the internet reacts

The internet had mixed reviews about the food chains surprising new “limited-time” item.

TEXAS, USA — The internet shared mixed reactions after the popular fast-food chain, Taco Bell released their new limited five-piece wings over the weekend. The surprising menu item will be available for a limited time until Jan. 12. 

Inside, the box includes four pieces of chicken and Taco Bell’s special sauce, according to its press release. The Wings are even featured on the food chain’s website as well as a limited time promotional item.

Well, the internet got a taste of these wings and the reaction is quite… “crispy. Many are reporting of nausea and frequent bathroom usage from eating the wings.

One user described her Taco Bell wings experience as “two boots in a dryer” when explaining that they had an upset stomach from the wings. 

Another user said they would be getting in contact with their lawyer after trying the new menu item. ” I took a few bites then half an hour later I start getting extremely nauseous,” the Twitter user wrote. 

This Twitter user posted a screenshot of a video a friend had sent to her with raw wings in her Taco Bell box.

6 News Digital can’t confirm nor deny the authenticity of any of the photos mentioned. The photos are however very interesting as many users have reported similar experiences like those mentioned above over social media.

However, there are those who have said that the wings aren’t as bad as some are reporting. One user claimed the wings are actually KFC wings.

KFC and Taco Bell are owned by the same fast food Corporation, Yum! Brands. 

Some people actually enjoyed the wings. This Twitter user said that the wings were so good he went to go get more. 

Twitter user, @Lyricoldrap, also didn’t have issues with the special taco wings. He tweeted, “.. wings so good that I briefly started to believe in God.”

So, it may seem that even though the majority of the internet is shading Taco Bell’s wings, the good news is that it’s only available for a limited time.

Have you tried the new Taco Bell crispy wings?

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