Talented Belgian Shepherd Dogs Shake a Leg With Their Owner, Internet Loves it

Dogs are one of the most adorable animals and their demeanour with owners is a sight to behold. The quality time spent by them together is of great interest to many netizens. A video which proves the same is currently viral on Instagram. In this video, a dog owner is seen dancing. What made this video fun was her two Belgian Shepherd dogs matching step for step.

The steps were perfectly in sync with their owner. They look trained and are brilliantly following their owner’s cues. Users loved the video. This video was shared on December 13 and captioned, “Dancing with her sweet pups Belgian Malinois”. Malinois is a breed of Belgian sheepherding dogs. This video has garnered more than 13,000 views.

Impressed with this video, a user wrote that he had seen it earlier. However, he keeps watching it to see dogs wag their tails the whole time.

Others found it funny how their dogs even fail to listen to them, let alone follow their commands. A user shared a humorous meme describing how his dog ignores the orders.

A similar Instagram reel in which a Beagle dog was trying to pull off some Bhangra moves with its owner was shared some time ago. The reel was shared on Instagram by Junior Malhotra. The reel was captioned, “Bhangra Time. Getting ready for the wedding of the year @shivammalhotraa & @mahimasharma_95.”

The viral reel received a lot of applause from the users. It also received some humorous reactions. A user wrote that the dog owner is holding a treat in his hands. He further wrote that the dog was not dancing, but jumping to catch treats.

The reel went viral and garnered more than 1 million views.

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