Telstra inks $187M QLD schools internet deal

Maroochydore Queensland

Maroochydore Queensland

Credit: Dreamstime

Telstra has inked a five-year deal worth $187 million with the Queensland government to deliver faster internet services to state schools. 

Under the deal, average internet bandwidth speeds per student is expected to increase from 25Kbps currently to 5Mbps by 2026, which will be achieved in multiple stages. 

“We know that digital inclusion for school kids is one of the most important drivers when it comes to positive education outcomes,” Telstra Enterprise chief customer officer John Ieraci said. 

“As a result of these upgrades, students from even the most remote parts of Queensland will have access to quality, high speed connectivity, and will get to enjoy all the opportunities that come with it.”

John Ieraci (Telstra Enterprise)Credit: Telstra
John Ieraci (Telstra Enterprise)


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