The 2022 Oscars Left The Internet Stunned

Finally, things are beginning to feel normal again. Masks are coming off, movie theaters are open, and, most importantly, Beyoncé is back on television. The multi-hyphenate icon opened the 94th Academy Awards with her song “Be Alive” from the Best Picture-nominated film King Richard. Cutting and prowling across a lime green set, the singer declared, “it feels good to be alive.” Yes, it does. Welcome to the Oscars.

After Bey’s opening number (featuring a cameo from Blue Ivy) the evening’s three hosts took over. Wanda Sykes had some fun with Samuel L. Jackson, Regina Hall teased her single status, and Amy Schumer asked about Black Twitter. So far, so gay. Then the co-hosts joked that the Academy hired three women because it was cheaper than hiring one man. (The sad joke works because it is likely true…)

There were more good jokes where these came from. Check out some of our favorite Oscars’ social media moments so far.

Kristen Stewart makes pulling off socks with loafers look way too easy.

File Robert Pattinson arriving late and underdressed under “things I wish actually happened.”

Anthony Hopkins—still groovy after all these years.

Nothing but respect for Guillermo Del Toro’s decision to live Tweet the non-televised portion of the ceremony then, immediately afterwards, make a mad dash for the hors d’oeuvres.

If the presence of Beyoncé made you wonder if you were watching the right awards show, just know: you weren’t the only one.

Good for you, Al Pacino!

Despite not being nominated for any official awards, Justice League: The Snyder Cut still managed to make waves at this years Oscars. (At least until Will Smith seemed to punch Chris Rock in the face.) Halfway through the broadcast, ABC presented the top five most “cheer-worthy” moments in movie history, as voted on by the public. This gave Snyder Cut fans the opportunity to do what they do best: unite to express their love for the Snyder Cut. The mighty fanbase assembled and got the job done. “Flash entering the Speed Force” was declared the most “cheer-worthy” moment, beating out other more well-known moments like Neo bending to avoid bullets in The Matrix. Twitter erupted in laughter over the superhero hijinks, specifically the phrase “Flash enters the speed force” which has a decidedly different vibe than the traditional Oscars’ more buttoned up tone. Let havoc reign!

Also, in case you somehow missed it, Will Smith, before he won Best Actor, took a swing at Chris Rock following a barb Rock made about Will Smith’s wife, Jada. Safe to say, anything can happen at the Oscars.

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