The coolest ‘Bhaishab’ on internet serving reality with comedy

In our culture we call a person ‘Bhaishab’ when we see him as a big brother-figure. He listens to your problems, advises when it is needed the most, acts responsible and creates a bond that lasts long. Samiul Huq Bhuiyan is somewhat similar to that, except for the fact that he is an uber cool digital ‘Bhaishab’ for the netizens of Bangladesh.

“I wanted to be a content creator who creates connections with all sorts of people, hence I chose an endearing name like ‘Bhaishab’ to become relatable to our people instantly. And since this name holds a hint of humour, it perfectly fits me,” said Samiul.

Samiul is a 25 year old content creator who grew up in Netrokona and is currently studying drama and dramatics at Jahangirnagar University. He started content creating not long ago in the beginning of 2021. But the quality and confidence he has been showing in his content proves him anything but noob.

Satire is an art form in which Most Bangladeshi ‘comedians’ struggle. But Samiul’s short satirical clips are effortless. Moreover, his humour offers scope to learn about social problems as well. Maybe that is why in such a short period he earned one million followers on Facebook.

“I did not become a content creator out of the blue. I had a sophisticated plan as I researched about this field for months before jumping on the bandwagon. So of course, I take this as a serious profession and I will continue being an actor and content creator as long as possible,” Samiul said.

His videos start with fun rhyming slogans in a local accent that instantly catch our attention. Sometimes you get amused by how a person can use the power of comedy to discuss solemn issues like price hike, damaged roads of Bangladesh or even Porimoni.

“Sometimes back, I noticed a severely damaged road in my area and it was unrepaired for a long time. Since in my videos I do not use a negative approach, I presented that road not as a bumpy path but as a tourism spot where people get entertained by watching jumping cars. That sarcastic video went viral in the local groups and since then I never looked back,” Samiul added.

Apart from being a hysterically funny influencer, Samiul is also a passionate theatre actor. He has been acting since 2012. He chose to study drama driven by his long-cherished dream of taking our theatre industry to a new level and establishing it as an enriched source of entertainment for people. 

“In foreign countries being a theatre artist is a serious profession, unlike our country where we take it as a hobby. However, Professionalism in theatres is coming back and I have been working seriously with my drama group ‘Kobiyal’. I intend to work more on this sector to develop and promote it as a healthy and significant source of entertainment,” said Samiul.

Working in dramas helped ‘Bhaishab’ to learn about various real-life characters and understand diverse human perspectives. Say it is rickshawala, or a politician or a married man puzzled in his new life, we can see Samiul play any role effortlessly. 

He added that he is receiving lots of love and appreciation from people of all ages and classes. The adoration of his followers pushes him to create better contents. He then shared one of his secrets to win so many people’s hearts.

“The mainstream funny contents are targeted towards the age group of 15 to 25. Generally, this group does not look for a message in any content. I aim to target the age group of 25 to 40, the employed group of people to be specific,” said Samiul. 

“Comedy is not the only thing they ask for but they look for a message in different videos. Hence, in my videos I tend to serve people with a thoughtful and realistic message which helps ‘Bhaishab’ to reach people in a wider manner,” he added.

Creators like Samiul are a hope for Bangladeshi influencer industry. He dreams to continue it till the end and produce more impactful videos for his followers. Nonetheless, Samiul also dreams to work with renowned artists like Tariq Anam Khan, Touqir Ahmed or Shahiduzzaman Selim who are involved in theatres. He is optimistic that one day his work will lead him to that position as well.


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