The Internet Has Major Opinions About Woman Who Said Husband ‘Stole Christmas’ From Kids

Christmas is just around the corner which means many are preparing to take a financial hit. One Redditor claimed her husband took money she saved for the holiday, therefore also taking Christmas away from their children.

“So I’m a working mother of 3 kids (9,11,5). My husband used to have a job but was let go at the end of 2020 and hasn’t worked since then. Yes he worked in few places here and there like the gas station but he couldn’t keep it because he lacked ‘motive & passion,'” the woman known as “_GreaterIsHe_” wrote on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” forum.

“All in all our financial situation isn’t so great BUT I’ve decided to start saving money to be able to get the decent Christmas celebration the kids wanted and couldn’t get in 2019-2020,” she said. “I’ve put money aside to buy decoration and prepare meals and also gifts but just a couple days ago found out that my husband had taken $500 out of my account and from the money I saved (the rest of my salary goes to bills and grocery) and gave them to his little brother to help him out in child support.”

She said they got into an argument and, despite her husband explaining he was “pushed by family to contribute and pay part of his brother’s child support otherwise they won’t see their nephews/grandchildren,” their children came in mid-conversation. Here, the woman told their children they couldn’t afford Christmas “because of their dad who took it away from them by taking the money [I] saved.”

The husband dismissed the kids then confronted her for telling them what happened, calling it “psychological damage” for “turning the kids against [him].”

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that Americans will spend 8.5% to 10.5% more this season, which is $997 on average. It’s not clear how many people that amount covers. However, if the Redditor saved this amount or more and it went missing, of course it would cause a deficit.

Readers largely supported the woman and they didn’t hold back their opinions on the matter.

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“Your husband sucks. Be done with his deadbeat self and family. At least alone, you won’t have to worry about him stealing from you in addition to sucking up the family resources with no return. NTA,” SlinkyMalinky20 wrote.

satanik-freak agreed. “100% OP probably would be able to afford Christmas if she weren’t also supporting another adult. He’s dead weight. And the amounts of stress OP must be under supporting them all, she needs to do herself and her kids a favour and kick him out. If he doesn’t care enough about his kids quality of life enough to stick it out at a gas station job because he just doesn’t feel like doing it, he’s a shit father no matter what he says. Do it for the kids. They’ll be happier when you’re happier.”

“it’s time to go full mama bear. There’s time for him to fix this. Make it clear he fixes this or you’re done. There’s a little less than a month before Christmas. He gets a job tomorrow. Any job. Dishwasher. Walmart. Taco Bell. Any job. And he works full time without complaining one bit. If he does this now, even at a shit wage, his first pay check should arrive in time for Christmas. He doesn’t get a dime of it. The check goes straight to you. Even at 9 bucks an hour, two weeks will be about 600 bucks. Put your foot down and make him make this right. Otherwise, he’s out the door. There are times when ultimatums are the only choice,” robbietreehorn added.

Some, however, pointed out that the kids shouldn’t have known about their financial problems.

“Involving young children in adult financial stress will make them resent both parents in one way or another eventually and can lead to long-term insecurities,” ClashBandicootie said.

chefwalleye added to that saying, “Kids are supposed to figure out their parents’ flaws. That’s part of growing up. Kids are not supposed to be told their parents’ flaws by the other parent. That’s psychological trauma.”

At the time of the post, there were nearly 10,000 upvotes and over 2,000 comments with the top comment garnering 14,7000 upvotes alone.


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