The Internet Is Astonished by Kendall Jenner’s Cucumber Cutting Skills – E! Online

Kendall Jenner‘s culinary skills have landed her in a bit of a pickle. 

The model quickly became the talk of the Internet for the, um, interesting way that she chops a cucumber during the May 12 episode of The Kardashians

In the scene, Kendall can be seen spending some quality time with her mom Kris Jenner before searching the kitchen for something to eat. In response, Kris then asks, “Do you want the chef to make you a snack?”  

But Kendall turns her down. “I’m making it myself,” she replied. “I’m just gonna chop up some cucumber. It’s pretty easy.” 

Or is it? The 26-year-old appears to hesitate for a moment on how to properly cut the vegetable. After she attempts to slice the cucumber without holding onto it, Kendall decides to awkwardly hold onto the end of it with one hand and chop with the other in a terrifying crisscross motion.  


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