The Internet is Buzzing Over the Return of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

After a very long hiatus, Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican Pizza.

The iconic menu item was pulled almost two years ago and Taco Bell fans have been asking for the company to bring it back. Doja Cat in particular has become a supporter of the movement and was a vocal proponent for bringing it back. The singer made the announcement during her set at Coachella that the Mexican Pizza is indeed coming back to stores. And fans are hyped.

It’s clear that Doja Cat is very excited about the Mexican Pizza being back and she isn’t the only one. Social media lit up with Mexican Pizza fans screaming their excitement for everyone to hear and see. It might not be authentic Mexican food, but sometimes a guilty pleasure just hits differently as you inhale it in the driveway before abuela sees you eating it.

Don’t worry. There are people taking to social media to make sure folks know the truth about the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza. It is indeed a tostada, an authentic Mexican dish. Don’t go expecting tostadas, though. This is still fast food that takes great liberties with the term “Mexican food.”

People might not like to admit it, but the Mexican Pizza has been a beloved part of people’s diet for some time now. The outpouring of celebration for the announcement is proof that Taco Bell is on the right track for their fans specifically.

Not so surprisingly, there are those side-eyeing the return of this popular item, which is understandable because we’d love authentic Mexican food to get this hype.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza will be back at Taco Bell on May 19.



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