The Internet Is Losing It Over First Look At Rob Zombie’s Munsters Costumes

“The Munsters” may have initially aired in 1964, but it’s clear on social media that it still has a devoted following. The misfit family still has a ton of fans out there who can’t wait to see their next adventure, and they’re not shy about letting their opinions known. 

All you have to do is look underneath Rob Zombie’s Instagram post to find a barrage of comments from fans wanting to voice their appreciation of him handling the source material. One eagle-eyed observer wrote, “Everything about this photo is amazing. I love the bats on the stained glass window.” It shows the attention to detail Zombie has committed to with this project, and even though the movie will be rated PG, it’s still going to have ample spooky details to send shivers down viewers’ spines. 

Jeff Daniel Phillips posted the same photo on Twitter, which got an equally positive response. Numerous fans chimed in with their thoughts, including, “I’m so excited to see it when it comes out” and “You got this! Channel that Cave Man [strength]!” Meanwhile, Twitter user @ZillaFan commented, “From everything I’ve seen thus far (including this), I can’t help but be excited about the upcoming Munsters.” It’s clear anticipation for the project is through the roof, so get ready because it’s looking to be a scary good time. 


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