The Internet Is On This Woman’s Side After She Was Humiliated By Her Boyfriend’s Mom So She Dumped Him At The Airport

Most often when you find a significant other, you not only form a relationship with them, but also build a friendship with their families. It is always a relief when the family is welcoming and you all get along, but a family that disapproves of the relationship might complicate it. But at least your significant other loves you and will defend you from his family.

Or not. Which might sound illogical, because what is the point of the relationship then? Reddit user NoTGoingThank shared an instance that made her realize she was with the wrong person when neither her boyfriend nor his family seemed to appreciate her but she was still called the bad guy in the end.

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Woman quite possibly avoided the worst vacation ever by changing her mind at the airport and dumping her boyfriend there

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The Original Poster (OP) works in nursing and she took some time off to go on a vacation with her boyfriend’s family. It was spring break and the boyfriend’s parents paid for all of their children’s and their SOs’ flights and hotels for a trip to Cabo, a resort city in Mexico.

It should have been a relaxing vacation in a place where it’s always sunny and warm, but the trip was clouded before it even started.

The OP felt that her boyfriend’s mom, Becky, didn’t like her that much and she didn’t understand why. NoTGoingThank realized that after the mom made some snarky remarks towards her parents who were blue-collar workers, which just means they had manual jobs.

The OP was supposed to go to Cabo with her boyfriend’s family although she always felt his mom didn’t like her

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It became even more evident when all the people on the trip had first-class tickets and she was left with a coach ticket

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Becky didn’t even hide the fact that she thought less of OP than others, which was evident when all the people who were supposed to go on the vacation got to the airport and everyone had first-class tickets except for OP.

The boyfriend’s mom made an excuse saying that she had a free coach ticket so she wanted to use it as the OP must be used to flying like that anyway. Besides, she is going to Cabo for free and should be grateful to be able to do that in the first place.

First-class tickets not only give access to comfortable seats on the plane, you also get priority check-in, which takes less time. So while the others waited for the OP to check in, she had time to think about the situation she was in because her boyfriend didn’t come to be with her, offer her help or say something to his mom about how she treated his girlfriend.

While waiting in line, all the emotions bottled up and poured out on the airport attendant

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When it was finally her turn to check in, she had a baggage fee to pay. When the OP turned to Becky, she had a satisfied look on her face but NoTGoingThank couldn’t take it anymore and let out all of her frustrations on the airport employee.

It appeared to be a sweet lady who calmed the OP down and said that those people don’t appreciate her because that is not how you treat a family member, so she shouldn’t go on the trip. The OP listened to the wise words of the woman and left the check-in line, crying to her boyfriend.

The lady was very understanding and advised the OP to not go on that trip because the family clearly knew they were making her uncomfortable

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The OP used the advice and even more, she broke up with her boyfriend

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It was such an eye-opening experience that the OP decided to break up with the guy then and there. She also told Becky what she thought about her and left. Even though the couple split, the boyfriend still continued to contact OP and tell her what a horrible person she was for leaving a vacation in the airport when everything was planned and paid for.

NoTGoingThank gave an explanation why she thinks she could have been a jerk: “Maybe I should have just gone to Cabo and had a good time because I don’t think I will get that opportunity again. I could have been too sensitive on the subject and shouldn’t have started crying so much in the airport.”

The boyfriend didn’t see the problem and for him it was unacceptable that the OP acted this way

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People in the comments didn’t think this at all and had the impression that she would have had the worst vacation ever. Also, they praised the attendant who not only was sweet to her in such a vulnerable situation but also encouraged the OP to turn around and go home.

What did you think of the story? Do you feel that the break-up was rushed or that it didn’t happen soon enough? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Let us know in the comments!

People in the comments were glad that the OP met that attendant who pushed her to make the right decision

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