The Internet Questions BBCE’s Legitimacy After Logan Paul’s $3.5 Million Pokemon Cards Disaster

Logan Paul had a terrible start to 2022 as his plush Pokemon cards turned out to be fake. ‘The Maverick’ made statements since the day he spent $3.5 million on buying this. Moreover, he even went up to BBCE (Baseball Card Exchange) to prove the authenticity. However, the results didn’t quite lure Paul, as it turned out unauthenticated.


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Citing this entire controversy, the internet went after BBCE’s legitimacy and its processes. Taking it to their Twitter, many fans jibed at BBCE.

“Logan Paul spent $3.5 million on fake Pokémon cards? BBCE verified it on camera in front of him too…” a fan wrote.


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Another fan added, “Not sure what I find more disturbing …that the BBCE authenticated fake Pokémon cards or that Logan Paul thought spending $3.5 million on Pokémon cards was a good investment even if he did think they were authentic..”

“BBCE has some explaining to do,” wrote a Twitter user.

A fan added, “gonna be a lot of dudes who bought from bbce looking over their shit today lol”

“There will be some fallout from the Logan Paul Pokemon case fraud.”

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“Customers of BBCE might now be suspect of their authenticated boxes. In my opinion, the 1986 Fleer Basketball case, which BBCE authenticated and sold for $1.78 million, now has to be opened.” Darren Rovell.

“This video is crazy to watch. BBCE authentication just fell off a cliff. No recovering from that. The dudes that sold to Shyne apparently lawyering up and not refunding him. Shyne refunded Logan already. This is wild,” wrote another Twitter user.

“You giving a refund or no,” Dan Good wrote.

A fan added, “The barcode on the box didn’t match the number for the barcode. Label printed in normal ink rather than thermal ink. These should’ve been red flags that something was amiss.”

BBCE came up with a statement on this scam pertaining to Logan Paul


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BBCE’s Twitter handle wrote, “sealed cases going forward. We have also decided to halt the review of Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! cases or boxes until we assess and revise our processes to avoid this happening in the future.” 

Logan Paul would be hoping to get some piece of positive news on refund and processes ahead.


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Also, many will remain on their toes to see what happens further in this entire case.

What do you make of BBCE’s authenticity program?

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