The internet still can’t recognise Zooey Deschanel with no bangs nine years later

Zooey Deschanel recently reflected on fans not recognising her without bangs at the Met Gala 2013, but turns out, they’re still just as shocked today.

Some celebrities have a trademark accessory, whether it’s their hairstyle e.g Ariana Grande, or in Miley Cyrus’ case, her tongue. Although her tongue-sticking days are over, it was so iconic that she got it insured for $1.3 million.

For Zooey Deschanel, it’s undoubtedly her signature bangs that make her recognisable. If she wanted, she’d be insuring it too.

The New Girl actress recently spoke to Buzzfeed about that internet-breaking moment she rocked up to the Met Gala 2013 with no fringe, prompting the entire world to question who this mysterious celeb was.

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Zooey Deschanel is fringeless most of the time

Believe it or not, a fringeless Zooey is actually normal. The actress told Buzzfeed that she found it surprising to learn about the MET moment’s shocking reaction.

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“I, a lot of times, just have my hair out of my face in my life, so that’s what’s funny. My family recognizes me without bangs. It’s truly shocking to me, but I mean, it’s funny. I did it, like, I took a picture of myself with, like, my hair, but in a middle part.”

Check out Zooey at the MET Gala:

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Here’s a closer look. Seriously who is she?

Photo by Karwai Tang/FilmMagic

Her love story with bangs began as a toddler

She’s had a long term relationship with her beloved bangs, ever since the age two. In 2013, Zooey told Glamour that she fell in love with the style during her very first haircut, when “the stylist lopped off the front of my waves into girly, face-framing fringe.”

“Cutting it [hair], aside from my bangs, would feel like making a sacrifice. I’ve tried growing out my bangs a few times, but it’s never stuck. They’ve been styled into all sorts of shapes and lengths. Now I’m very specific about how they look and feel,” she admitted.

The 42-year-old joked about her forehead in 2021 by revealing it publicly for the first time since 2013.

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Here’s tips for the perfect bangs from the fringe queen herself

The She & Him singer doesn’t have blunt bangs, the common misconception. Instead, she has heavy bangs which have been “thinned with shears or beveled with scissors”.

One rule that Zooey stands by is to avoid wispy bangs because you have to commit to the ‘do, while blunt bangs are hard to style.

“If you’re going to go for face-framing fringe, make sure to tell your hairdresser to cut into them a little bit,” she told People.

That being said though, wispy bangs are in trend, with the likes of Elizabeth Olsen and Camila Cabello rocking the look.

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Twitter still can’t recognise Zooey Deschanel with bangs

The actress is also known to be a Katy Perry look-alike, though we don’t think she looks like the California Girls singer without her signature hair.

It’s been nearly a decade, yet Zooey is still managing to trick the internet.

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