The Internet Thinks Nintendo Has Nerfed Wario’s Bum

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe got its biggest update since launch this week as the first wave of its Booster Course Pass was added to the game. The first eight tracks have been receiving mixed reviews as some players think they look great while others aren’t so sure. The tweaks made to Coconut Mall, including its escalators, have also been a hot topic of conversation.

The tracks aren’t the only thing to have been pulled apart since the Booster Pack went live. Wario’s behind has also been thrown under the microscope and has caused quite the stir online. In case you didn’t know, Wario has been known for being pretty thicc in the past, particularly when he is riding a bike in Mario Kart and giving anyone who picks him a front-row seat to his arse.


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However, a side-by-side comparison doing the rounds online appears to show a very different, much less luscious version of biker Wario’s ass. The antagonist’s posterior has gone from Pixar mom to Snake in Smash. Yes, if Nintendo has flattened Wario’s bum, it wouldn’t be the first example of it doing something like this. Snake’s behind was seriously nerfed in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While Snake’s junk was definitely taken out of his trunk, there’s a little confusion over whether Wario has actually been stripped of the gift god gave him. Other players have posted similar comparison shots to this Mario Kart and the last, and Wario’s butt seems just as juicy as it has ever been. Perhaps it was simply the angle at which the OP caught Wario’s ass, or the game glitching for a brief moment and scaring us all for no reason.

For now, it seems all you need to be riled up about when it comes to Mario Kart is Coconut Mall’s telegraphed escalators. The other good news is now March 21 has been and gone, even if you don’t own the new tracks, they will still be playable online. You just need to hope someone in your lobby has access to them, which will likely be the case more often than not.

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