‘This Company Doesn’t Care About Safety’

Safety in the workplace matters, but how skewed are the numbers? A 2000 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that “noncompliant” employees have “more negative beliefs regarding how their organizations handle employee survey data.” More so, Forbes reported that 21% of employees said they answered the company’s survey “differently” than how they felt. A Redditor by the name of “Mrclassicus” experienced as much and explained the situation in a recent post via the “Antiwork” forum.

“So, this company has been in the news a lot recently because of their actions and inactions during a tornado and the deadly aftermath. Today, I walk into my shift and my manager comes straight over to me and tells me: ‘You need to answer the weekly safety survey that everything is absolutely 100% safe,'” the Redditor wrote on the now-viral thread.

They told their supervisor they “didn’t feel like everything is 100% safe at this site so I answer those questions accordingly.” The manager didn’t know what they meant, so the employee detailed their concerns — including the fact that they’ve reported issues to a manager and HR in the past. The manager’s response was that the issues would be taken to the higher-ups, but, “the safety survey needs to be answered that the site is 100% safe.”

The employee confirmed a second time. “So, are you saying that I should lie and say everything is safe even though I don’t think that it is for all the reasons I told you?” they asked.

The manager’s response: “The survey just needs to be answered that the site is 100% safe.”

The Redditor continued: “Yeah, this company doesn’t care about safety and they are now trying to get people to lie so that if anyone starts investigating them, the company looks safer than it actually is.”

Readers weighed in with their thoughts on whether the Redditor should’ve lied on the survey.

Safety zone
Caution tape blocks the entrance to a locker room that is under construction at a new Amazon fulfillment center on August 10, 2017 in Sacramento, California.
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“This Amazon? You need to do some serious whistleblowing, friend,” rosefurcoat said.

“Send him a email asking if just ask you to lie on a safety check list, because I think I must have misunderstood. Lol. That will shut it down,” das745 added.

CraigBybee agreed saying, “Absolutely, positively, do not comply with this request.”

Arks_PowerPlay gave added advice suggesting, “Hi there, company safety guy here for an Oil Field Electrical Company. You need to be 100% honest with your safety survey. In my position, I don’t care if your boss says “lie on this so it looks good”. If you lie and something preventable happens and someone gets injured, then it’ll be a major issue,” they said.

“If your boss tells you to lie, tell him you’re gonna be honest and if he wants to retaliate and try to punish you for this, he can test his assumption at his earliest convince (an HR approved way of saying fuck around and find out). Just make sure you have everything he says recorded somehow. If you’re in a One-Party State, then record your conversations. If not, write everything down verbatim.”

The viral post accumulated over 15,500 upvotes at the time of this article.


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