This Hidden Elden Ring Wall Has The Internet Going Wild

After making the discovery, Reddit user teristam posted a video of the wall in question being broken. The clip shows the player approaching the wall before the footage is sped up as they proceed to strike it over and over. The wall ultimately gives way after dozens of strikes, revealing the hall in which many of the area’s NPCs reside. 

Some questioned the authenticity of the video since the speed was clearly edited, but several users commenting on the thread claim to have tested this method themselves and have stated that it is legitimate. The original poster later replied: “just tried again. Apparently it also depends on the weapon used. Using a greatsword will break the wall much faster (like 10 hits), but a katana cannot break it no matter how many times I tried.” To this, user curtcolt95 explained that they succeeded with a katana, but that it took over 100 hits. This seems to imply that the wall simply has a tremendous amount of health and requires heavy duty weapons to fell it quickly.

This wall isn’t the only way to access the hall hidden behind it, however, leading many to believe that the destructible wall was never actually meant to be found. Some have speculated that it was originally an illusory wall meant to serve some other purpose, but that the devs ultimately decided to give it an insane amount of health instead of replacing it with a solid wall. Of course, even more users have questioned how many other such walls are left to be discovered.


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