Those convicted of internet child sex crimes to register as offenders in Kansas

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A bill to allow those convicted of drug offenses to seek relief from the offender registration act and require those convicted of internet child sex crimes to register as a sex offender.

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly says on Thursday, April 5, she signed Senate Bill 366, which will create a way for drug offenders to seek relief from the Kansas Offender Registration Act and allows expungement of the offense if relief is granted.

The bill also requires those who are convicted of internet trading child pornography and aggravated internet trading in child pornography to register as sex offenders.

SB 366 was introduced in January at the request of Ed Klump of the Kansas Sheriff’s Association, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police, and Kansas Peace Officers Association. It was referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary, which sponsored it and recommended the bill be passed. On Feb. 23, The Senate voted to pass the bill 39 – 1.

The lone senator to vote against the bill was Sen. Caryn Tyson (R-Parker).

The bill was then sent to the House and referred to the Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice, which also recommended it be passed. It unanimously passed the House under emergency final action on March 17.

A conference committee report was requested and adopted unanimously in the House and 37 – 3 in the Senate. The three nays include Sens. Richard Hilderbrand (R-Baxter Springs), Mark Steffen (R-Hutchinson), and Caryn Tyson.

Following Kelly’s approval, SB 366 will be sent to the Secretary of State’s Office and be printed in the upcoming copy of the Session Laws – which usually happens on July 1 – and will make the bill a law.

To read the full text of the bill, click HERE.

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