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In my 27 years on this Earth I have seen exactly 11 funny things on the internet. In June I fell off a horse, hit my head pretty bad and forgot my last three Christmases as well as the 11th funny thing, which makes curating this list bittersweet but straightforward.

I usually consolidate my close friendships during the yuletide (Christmas parties, shopping centre Santa photo lines, etc) and since I have not yet told my friends about the horse incident (simply because I can’t remember who is/isn’t my friend), I anticipate I will be on the back foot socially in the coming weeks. Here are my 10 funniest things on the internet.

1. Excited train guy

This guy knows what he likes and what he likes is trains. This video makes me laugh and inspires me, which means it’s top-tier internet, babyyyyy.

2. Kollektivet: I Wanna Be the Little Spoon

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Norway is ground zero for banging musical comedy.

3. Jesus Christ in Richmond Park

One of those things you are happy was captured on camera.

4. Big Aussie Trash and Treasure

I love a sketch with a twist that just keeps building to be more and more absurd. This is one of those and Ben Russell is my comedy hero (very nice moustache, too).

5. Sporty

Sometimes I pretend to like sports too, so this video is close to my heart.

6. The Beach Boys shred I Get Around

It is important you watch this, then the original Beach Boys music video clip, then this again.

7. Alan Partridge does charity

I could watch Steve Coogan playing Alan Partridge all day, and it’s for charity, so why not?

8. Brian Badonde the whisky connoisseur

You might know Kayvan Novak from the TV series What We Do in the Shadows, but try to recognise him pranking people on this fake documentary as Brian Badonde. Very clever, very silly.

9. Spotify Wrapped is too hip

It seems every year my Spotify Wrapped gets more and more cool and trendy. I feel as though I’m being peer-pressured into something but I don’t know what.

10. The rainbow sponge

Hark back to No 1 – excited train guy. We love the fervour, the passion in people, especially when it is for the magnificent rainbow sponge.


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