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One of Tom Holland’s two stunt doubles, Luke Scott, shared a few Instagram photos of the three of them on the sets of Uncharted.

The movie Uncharted, starring Tom Holland in the lead role, released on February 18 this year. Following that, its craze has taken over social media as people want to know more, get some behind-the-scenes scoop about their favourite actor. But of course, what’s an actor without their stunt double(s)? In a recent Instagram post, one of his stunt doubles, Luke Scott, shared a few photos of the three of them on the sets of Uncharted.

The caption that accompanies these photos reads, “Forever thankful to share the experience of making another movie with these two absolute legends, and to Tom Holland for continuing to put your faith in Greg and I! Uncharted is one of my favourite games of all time so to get the opportunity to help bring it to the big screen was a dream.” The location that these photos were taken at, has been tagged as Studio Babelsberg.

The caption also continues to read, “If you’ve seen it, I hope you had as much fun watching it as we had a blast making it in Berlin! Swipe across to see the evolution of Nathan Drake.” It was complete with hashtags #throwbackthursday #uncharted. There is a chance that these photos will make you laugh out loud as well as adore this beautiful bond between Tom Holland and his two stunt doubles.

Take a look at the photos right here:

An Instagram user took to the comments section in order to write, “You three are the absolute best. Love you guys.” “Seems about right hahahah,” reads another comment. A third posted, “Who wants one Nate Drake when you can have three!? You all did an amazing job – there better be a sequel!”

What are your thoughts on this Instagram post involving Tom Holland and his stunt doubles?

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