“Took it Like Chris Rock”: Internet After Referee Punched By MMA Fighter

A referee in a mixed martial arts (MMA) match got hit with a wild punch that was hard enough to knock him down. The event took place at the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) 93 on Saturday.

According to Insider, MMA fighter Ziko Magengele threw the wild punch after the first round bell that caught referee Wiekus Swart square in the head while he was attempting to break up the fighters.

The video of the match, doing the rounds on social media, shows MMA fighters exchanging heavy slugs throughout the first round. Seconds into the clip, Magengele’s rogue punch, which was intended for his opponent Martin von Staden, is seen clattering the referee at full force, sending him to the deck.

Wiekus Swart is then seen getting up as the fighters returned to their corners.

Watch the clip below:

According to the EFC statement reported by the Insider, following the incident, Swart received medical attention between rounds. However, he was deemed “unfit to continue” and so a replacement referee, Bobby Karagiannidis, was brought in to oversee the rest of the fight. It is to mention that Ziko Magengele went on to win the fight. He became the new champion as he finished von Staden in Round 3.

Meanwhile, some internet users jokingly wrote, “The one you never see coming is the one that gets you.” Another said, “Protect yourself at all times.”


MMA is a no holds barred combat sport based on striking, grappling and ground fighting. It incorporates techniques from various combat sports from around the world.

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