‘Twins Right Here!’: The Internet Loses Its Mind Over a Picture of Muhammad Ali’s Grandson

Recently, a tweet from an Australian female warrior, SusieQ Ramadan, stunned the social media world as she shared a picture of Muhammad Ali’s daughter and grandson on Twitter.


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Interestingly, the boxing fans flooded the social media platform with their questions and opinions. As the boy in the picture portrays young Muhammad Ali, who was then Cassius Clay.

The IBA female super-flyweight titleholder wrote, “Laila Ali’s son looks exactly like Muhammad Ali.”


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Notably, ‘The Greatest of All Time’ had left such a legacy in the sport of boxing that if someone looks like him can garner huge limelight and it’s even better if it is none other than the legend’s grandson, then it becomes the highlight.

For the uninitiated, former female professional boxer Laila Ali is the daughter of immortal legend Muhammad Ali and her son Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr, who is in his teens, looks exactly like Muhammad Ali in his actual life and recalls the young Cassius Clay.

Fans react to the picture that recalls Muhammad Ali on Twitter

A Twitter user named Stunna added one more similarity between Muhammad Ali and his grandson. She took the attention towards the hairline, which is also the same. And for proof, she dropped the picture of a young Cassius Clay along with his grandson.

Moreover, after comparing their widow’s peak hairline, this reaction adds volumes to the claim.

According to another fan, it is a coincidence to be proud of Muhammad Ali’s grandson.

A Twitter user wrote, “Man who the hell is Classie Clay?! We get it, but damn.” 

Well, this user tried to be sarcastic. To some extent, he was like he did not know ‘The Greatest of All Time’, and then, when he compared the picture, it surprised him.

Another fan came up with the young picture of Muhammad Ali and claimed that “He looks like Cassius Clay.”


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Yet another fan, Romey Rome, noticed one more thing common between the two. He highlighted the smile of young Muhammad Ali and his grandson and also claimed this by dropping a picture in his tweet of young great and his grandson.


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What do you make of the picture of young Muhammad Ali and his daughter’s son? Do they look identical enough to be considered twins? Let us know in the comments below.

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