Two Men Abruptly End Ugly Fight with Handshake, Internet Want Answers

Bare-knuckle street fights can be terrifying with no referee to mediate and opponents thirsty for each other’s blood. Clips have emerged in the past where raw fights on the street usually end with bloodied faces or someone needing medical help. However, a recent video of an MMA-style street fight between two people has gone viral while leaving viewers puzzled with an unexpected ending.

The clip, shared on Twitter, shows two men fighting on a road in broad daylight with their cars parked beside them. While one of the men is pinned to the ground, his opponent throws power punches to his face. The duo are seen involved in a lethal fight while trying to show their best moves.

The dominant one of the two even tries to lock his opponent’s head as seen in professional MMA fights and pushes him to a car. But, the duo soon ends their fight abruptly and begin to collect their belongings scattered on the road.

Moreover, the fighters then shake hands the MMA way and get in their car before driving off. Watching the men fighting with no mercy, one bystander is even seen rushing to the spot possibly to mediate. However, he is left baffled as he witnesses the duo shaking hands and casually leaving in their cars.

Not just the onlooker, but the peculiar street fight left more than 5.7 million viewers of the video scratching their heads. This user could not really figure out what he watched.

Another too sought some clarity on the fight and asked what triggered it.

This user got to the point and asked the legit question.

Some users also appreciated the duo for ending the fight on a good note.

One user even hailed them as “real gentlemen” and highlighted the professionalism they had during the fight.

For this user, they displayed some inspiring sportsmanship.

Tell us if you have witnessed something that violent and amusing at the same time?

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