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Ukrainian makes keychains from downed Russian jet

STORY: Never mind forging swords into plowshares, Ukrainian businessman Iurii Vysoven is turning wreckage from a downed Russian fighter plane into souvenir key chains.The proceeds go to fund drones for Ukraine’s armed forces.“This is a really unique gift to those who helped us.”The key chains are made from a Russian Su-34 fighter jet, which Ukraine’s military say it shot down near the town of Borodyanka in March.Ukraine’s defense ministry has posted images of the wreckage, which it says had the tail number RF-81251 and the call sign “31 Red.”Russia does not confirm details of military losses and Reuters is unable to verify the circumstances in which the plane came down.After the Russians withdrew from around Borodyanka and refocused their efforts on eastern Ukraine, Vysoven asked the region’s defenders if he could have some of the wreckage, scattered over farmland.Vysoven cuts 4 inch long fragments out of the plane’s fuselage, which he shapes, polishes and prints with information about the plane.Each key chain is then engraved with a unique serial number.He says he has been surprised by the response. “Many of my friends tell me 1,000 USD, nobody will give you this for this piece of metal, it’s crazy. In the morning, I woke up and understand on my phone (that) it’s already 20-30,000USD collected, and we see this constant flow of messages of people asking questions and telling they want to donate more, they tell us it is an incredible idea.”Whilst he says he will continue making and selling the key chains, Vysoven says his dream is to stop running his ‘Drones for Ukraine’ campaign altogether. “My dream is to win, everyone (to be) safe. (For) Everyone (to) return home safe. And we don’t need to collect money to save someone’s life.”


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