Ultra-high-speed fiber internet coming to metro cities

DES MOINES – Last week West Des Moines opened its Google Fiber store location so residents could switch over to the ultra-high-speed fiber internet service.

Other cities around the metro have followed in West Des Moines’ footsteps and have made agreements with companies to install fiber internet infrastructure for their communities.

Urbandale has an agreement with MetroNet where the company is working to install fiber internet across the entire city.

Fiber internet uses fiber optic cables instead of traditional metal or coaxial cables. This allows data to transfer much faster meaning lightning-fast internet.

The rush to install fiber internet started with the pandemic. “We’ve seen the need for a long time but I believe the pandemic that we all went through really magnified that.” Mark Harvey, the general manager of Mi-Fiber a local fiber internet company, said.

Harvey said Mi-Fiber has been working around the metro for years but when the pandemic turned people’s homes into workplaces the demand for reliable high-speed internet skyrocketed.

Cities around the metro want fiber for more than just its convenience. Assistant City Manager and Director of Economic Development for Urbandale Curtis Brown said that businesses are attracted to communities with high-speed internet access.

“As we talk with businesses about economic development, clearly one of the most important things is that internet connectivity.” Brown said, “We need wide bandwidth to handle all the data that’s flowing in and out of all the businesses in the city.”

Fiber internet companies have been working overtime across the metro to install the infrastructure needed for high-speed internet. Some cities like Urbandale expect all residents to have access in less than a couple years.


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