UMaine students who won pitch competition want to give internet users control over their data

Tyler Delargy of Bangor and business partner Anthony Caccese are on a mission to bring humanity and security back to the internet. 

To do this, the University of Maine students created Real Time Reality, an online service that gives users a secure and private identity management tool, allowing users to manage their information and privacy online at a time when tracking users’ data is a major trade. 

“Our mission is an ethical one; we’re on a crusade to try to fix the internet,” said Delargy, 20. “Our product provides people with a secure and private identity management tool so they can manage their data and privacy online and assure it only ever goes where they intend it to go. It’s basically a secure vault for anything you want to put in there.” 

Last week, the pair won the final round of the 2021-22 Big Gig season, a competition in which Maine entrepreneurs pitch their early-stage business or product ideas to a panel of judges and an audience of business professionals and innovators. The judges and audience members then vote on their favorite idea or product. 

Delargy said he and Caccese will use the $5,000 Big Gig prize to pay a summer intern and purchase necessary equipment to grow their business. 


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