[Update: Jan. 6] Spectrum internet outage troubles many users

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Original story (from Sept 10, 2019) follows:

Just in case you’re trying to get your head around why Spectrum isn’t working for you, find solace in the fact that you aren’t the only one facing issues lately.

We’ve seen users reporting the same across the micro-blogging site Twitter. While some are complaining about Spectrum outage, others say Spectrum is down and internet is not working for them.

Here are some reports for you to take a quick glance at.

As per Down detector – the service that gives information about outages – an outage in some regions like Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City, Orlando, Charlotte, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Louisville and North Hollywood etc can be seen.


We are keeping a continuous tab on all related developments, and will continuously update this page with relevant info.

Update 1 (Sept 12)

Going by reports populating Twitter, Spectrum is down and internet is not working as of writing this. This is happening for the second time in past couple of days.

Here’s a live outage map from Down detector showcasing the glitch in regions like Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, Dallas, Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Round Rock, Texas, Houston, Louisville, and Nashville:


To those complaining, @Ask_Spectrum (on Twitter) is suggesting to contact via DM.

Update 2 (Sept 12)

Here’s what a user who got in touch with support has to say:

Just called and confirmed that most of Austin is experiencing an outage. No further information was able to be given to me. Fun times

Update 3 (Sept 12)

Spectrum has finally spoken on the matter, as well as acknowledged the outage.

Customers located in the Austin, TX and surrounding areas may experience a full or partial interruption of services due to system maintenance updates.


Sadly, there’s no ETA for the fix as yet. We’re keeping a continuous tab on this and keep updating the latest development on the matter.

Update 4 (Sept 12)

We are now getting to see Spectrum cable outage reports. Users say the Internet works fine but cable TV is not working and throws code error iA01. A screen similar to the following one can be seen:

What’s good is while responding to a user @Ask_Spectrum officially acknowledged the issue saying:

I can confirm that there is currently a service interruption affecting subscribers in your area. This could be causing a partial of full interruption of all lines of service.

There is a known issue for the services. We are working on the issue to get it resolved as soon as possible.


However, there’s no ETA for the fix as yet.

Update 5 (Sept 13)

Apparently, the issue hasn’t been resolved for all, as mixed reports about internet and cable outage are still popping up.

Update 6 (Sept 13)

BTW Spectrum has also officially acknowledged the NFL network showing alternate broadcasting glitch saying:

We are currently investigating reports of the NFL Network showing alternate broadcasting, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Update 7 (Sept 19)

Looks like Spectrum is encountering an outage today as well. Here’s the live outage map:


Update 8 (Sept 20)

A lot of Spectrum users have been complaining about internet outage for hours today as well. While responding to one such user who was mentioning it took almost a day to fix things up last time, Ask_Spectrum responded saying:

Hopefully service does not take that long to restore. I apologize again for the down time.


Update 9 (Sept 24)

Spectrum seems to be down as of writing this. Here are some user reports:

Hey, Spectrum??? Could you not fucking shut my internet down for “maintenance” for an hour at midnight every single fucking night?

Listen, yeah I should be sleeping, but I’m not. And it’s fucking bullshit that Spectrum decided to go down right now. ??

Here’s a live outage map from downdetector which reflects the service is indeed encountering a glitch (in regions like Ohio, Melbourne, Florida, Michigan and others):


Update 10 (Sept 24)

While reverting back to a user, @Ask_Spectrum reverted back, there’s maintenance going on at least in their region. When asked about ETA, they said, the service should most likely be restored by 8am. If not, in that case, users should contact them. Following are their exact statements:

I can verify that there is currently maintenance taking place in your area. You may experience a partial or full interruption of all services until these updates have been completed.

We have not been provided with an estimated time of completion, however, if your services have not been restored by 8am, please let us know and we can check on a status update for your area.


Update 11 (Sept 24)

A different issue regarding black screen of different channels has now been officially confirmed by @Ask_Spectrum saying:

We were advised of an issue with a black screen on multiple channels in your area including the CW. Our system engineers are engaged and will be looking to resolve this as soon as possible.


Update 12 (Sept 26)

Looks like Spectrum’s internet and cable issues are here to stay for long this time. According to a user shared info, there could be a maintenance till September 29?. In which regions specifically? Well, there’s no clarity about that as yet. Here’s what the user who got in touch with the support got to hear:

just called @Ask_Spectrum bc my internet is out & dude says down for maintenance until 29th. zero out my balance since your services not working.

Update 13 (Oct 01)

Going by reports one Twitter and Downdetector, Spectrum internet outage is coming to light.

Update 14 (Oct 02)

Spectrum is seemingly encountering internet glitch, once again. Take a look at what some users have to say:

Well idk if I’m going to be able to stream DBD tonight.
went down for their monthly outage. Smh. Wouldn’t be spectrum if it didn’t have an outage at least once a month. source

I’m currently in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and my internet is down. It seems like there is always a hiccup during this time. What are you doing to rectify this?

Internet is down here in Tampa, Fl also. Truth be told (and I mean this is the politest of ways but)….you guys are a joke. I’m canceling first thing tmrw.

Down detector also reflects something similar.

There appears to be a maintenance going on as while reverting back to one such complainant @Ask_Spectrum said, the service should be back up by 8am.

Our apologies for the interruption in your service. Services are normally restored by 8am if not please let us know.

Update 15 (March, 2020)

Spectrum is down as of writing this and a lot of users are complaining about internet outage. Downdetector also conveys the same, as can be seen in the image below.

Update 16 (April 08, 2020)

Spectrum is down and not working for many as of writing this. Apart from proliferating reports on Twitter, Down detector also conveys the same.

Update 17 (May 11, 2020)

We are again seeing complaints from Spectrum users in the US, especially in and around the NYC area. It seems to be another outage although we’re still waiting to see what the company support has to officially say on the matter. Meanwhile, DownDetector also shows a spike in Spectrum issues, especially related to the Internet service.

Update 18 (March 19, 2021)

Going by reports on micro-blogging site Twitter, it appears that Spectrum is down and not working for many as of writing this.

is there an outage on Staten Island

Spectrum has been down ALL. DAY. How are they going to jack my bill up and then constantly suck? Pouting face

Update 19 (March 19, 2021)

As usually is the case, the outage affects some of the areas. So you can check with the Support if your area is affected. Here’s is what they told one of the affected users:

I can confirm that maintenance updates are being conducted in your service area this evening. During this time, you may experience a partial or full interruption of all services. Although I’m unable to provide a specific time when as to w… https://bit.ly/3s1L9GZ

Update 20 (July 08, 2021)

Looks like there’s again a sort of Spectrum outage as many users are complaining that their Spectrum service is either down or the speed is very very slow. Check out some of the compalints here (1,2,3,4,5).

Update 21 (August 05, 2021)

New reports from Spectrum indicate that the team is currently working to resolve these issues afflicting its customers.

We are working to resolve issues affecting SportsNet LA. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while this is corrected.

We shall continue to keep an eye on this and update as and when we get more info so stay tuned.

Update 22 (August 27, 2021)

Spectrum has acknowledged an outage reported by users in Zip Code 90250. However, the carrier fails to provide an estimate for when the restoration of service will be complete.


Update 23 (October 07, 2021)

Many Spectrum users have been facing issues with the internet and mobile service. Here are some reports for reference:

What’s going on with the app and my internet?? (Source)

@Ask_Spectrum trying to watch the @Dodgers game on TBS and it is very glitchy!!! Fix it!!!!!!! I’m in Signal Hill, CA (Source)

@Ask_Spectrum you pick a helluva night to go down.. You never disappoint (Source)

While the carrier didn’t acknowledge any outage, it seems that some individuals have also reported that the service is back to normal.

It came back up right after I tweeted you.. but thank you for the response I really appreciate 5. (Source)

Update 24 (January 03, 2022)

01:54 pm (IST): Fresh reports on Downdetector and Twitter indicate that Spectrum internet is not working or down for many users.

@Ask_Spectrum is the internet down in Granada Hills, CA 91344? (Source)

@Ask_Spectrum internet is down in 91326!!!! (Source)

My home internet is down (Spectrum). At least it’s an outage and not an issue limited only to my network… (Source)

Update 25 (January 04)

02:54 pm (IST): Moderate service outages have been detected by Fing Internet Alert in the past few hours in different regions.

Update 26 (January 05)

01:23 pm (IST): Multiple reports from users on Twitter indicate that Specturm is still going througn a small outage in some areas. There’s no confirmation on the same from the company.

another spectrum outage. woohoo .. (Source)

@Ask_Spectrum of course when there’s gonna be a huge ps5 restock internet goes out (Source)

Internet outage in Indian Trail NC @Ask_Spectrum (Source)

Update 27 (January 06)

12:05 pm (IST): Downdetector has seen a spike in the number of reports indicating that there’s an outage with Spectrum services. The carrier’s support hasn’t acknowledged any outage yet.


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