US baseball team sells burger at a whopping ₹19 Lakh; internet reacts

Recently we had written about the
gold-plated burger of Colombia which costs around $57 (INR 4191). And if you think that’s the most expensive burger one can ever have, you need to read this piece of information, which talks about a burger costing ₹19 lakh? Yes, you read that right.

A US-based baseball team, called Atlanta Braves, has revealed a new limited edition burger that costs a whopping USD 25,000 (or ₹19 lakh approximately. The super expensive burger is known as the ‘World Champions Burger’, and has gone viral among the burger lovers on Twitter.

As per a news report by Fox News, this expensive burger is made with a half-pound quantity of special meat known as Wagyu meat. Also, the buns used to make this burger are custom-made Irish Brioche, which are topped with pan-fried eggs, foie gras wrapped with gold leaf, grilled lobster tail, tomato, lettuce, special cheddar cheese, and truffle aioli. The burger also comes with a side of Parmesan waffle fries, as well as a limited edition World Series ring. As per reports, if you can’t afford the original, limited edition ring and can do it with a replica, the burger will cost you USD 151 or ₹11,000 approximately. For the unversed, the number 151 commemorates 151 years since the club was founded.

As soon as the news flashed on social media, netizens were amazed and shocked to know the price and started pouring in reactions. While some felt that the burger actually looks tempting, many of them thought that nobody will ever buy such an expensive burger. Take a look at the reactions.

So, will you be interested in buying this expensive burger? Share your thoughts in comment section.

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