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Prayagraj: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leadership is turning more tech-savvy with maximum use of internet to connect and expand its activities at grassroot levels.
Apart from forming tolis (groups) and volunteers at city, mohallah and village level to take up organisation’s activities, VHP (Kashi Prant) is all set to impart training sessions to volunteers in Kashi, Prayag and Sultanpur districts to make them more internet friendly and to get a better social media presence.
Holding a meeting of Prachar Prasar Vibhag of Kashi prant at Kesar Bhawan, VHP’s national spokesman Vijay Shankar Tiwari on Sunday emphasised on the need to expand communication to take up organisation’s activities at grass root level.
He added that “As VHP is taking up a series of activities like social service ( sewa Prakalp), gau-shalas, Ved Vidhyalaya, andother awareness programmes among Hindu communities and there was a strong need to connect every Hindu through the latest communication modes so that we could be able to take these activities across the world.
Tiwari said that volunteers should be prepared to take issues from minute to big issues, to social media and for that, special training sessions would be organised for volunteers at Kashi, Prayag and Sultanpur districts.
Insiders told TOI that VHP leadership has candidly asked its cadre to extend their activities to internet media in an attempt tomake their reach wide open. Volunteers have too planned to take organisationa ctivities on various social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagrametc and for that , teams of page editors, graphic designers etc would also beprepared.
A senior VHP officefunctionary said “ It’s the right time to take organisation’s activities tograss root level through social media and expand its base”. He added “ asorganisation is taking up a series of welfare porgammes since long time andthere is need to apprise people about it through various communication means”.


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