Viral optical illusion drawing leaves Internet baffled!

Thousands of people have been perplexed by this optical illusion drawing, but can you figure out what’s going on?  Adeline, who uses Tiktok to post “surprising, odd, and weird art,” shared the optical illusion, which confused her followers.

The video appears to show a corridor drawing, but as Adeline pans the camera around, it appears that the drawing is sinking into the table below it. It appears that the art enthusiast has created a miraculous 3D hallway that runs through the surface below and no one knows how she did it in her TikTok video. Well, if you are a fan of optical illusions you may want to see this optical illusion of a brick wall that was driving the web crazy.


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However, Adeline demonstrated at the end of the film that, rather than the artwork sinking into the table below, it was actually a 3D structure emerging from the table.
This phenomenon is known as “reverse perspective,” according to her. Adeline even created a tutorial for anyone who wished to create their own reverse perspective chambers. The video has received over four million views and commenters have been blown away.

She explained: “I don’t know about you, but I’m fascinated by optical illusions. Today I was playing with something called reverse perspective and I made a little art gallery.”

Adeline is the creator of the viral reverse perspective optical illusion (picture credit: TikTok)

The netizens on TikTok were mind-boggled after seeing this video. One of the viewers commented on the video, “That’s like magic, I want to make one please do a tutorial.” Another TikTok viewer said, “When I look at the sides I see it normally but in the center it’s the illusion.” One user commented on the video, “My Brain’s hurting because I see both at the same time” To which Adeline(Creator) replied,”Same. And I made it. So that’s crazy.” One of the users claimed, “After i looked at it enough i broke the illusion.” Another one emphasized, ” took me a second to force myself lo see it lol.”

One of the comments said that “My brain switching from seeing the illusion to breaking it every two seconds is making me kinda dizzy what the hell.” One said ,”It actually makes so much sense when you get it” While another said, ” when you change the angle completely i almost threw up, very cool though !!”


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